Incredible Edibles 🍓🥔🌱

June 30, 2024



Woohoo!! We were delighted to receive Gold status for our Incredible Edible growing challenge from AgriAware and Healthy Ireland.

Harvesting our fruit and veg!!

It was time to harvest our Incredible Edibles. We were delighted to see all the healthy fruit and vegetables we grew. Keep up the good work at home everyone and continue to grow your own food!


We had a Healthy Eating Week in class where the children made a huge effort to eat different types of fruit and vegetables. Each day we surveyed the class lunchboxes to see what was the most popular fruit and vegetable. Apples proved to be the most popular fruit & carrots the most popular vegetable.

We studied the Food Pyramid and learnt about food portions. We realised how important it is to eat lots of fruit & vegetables and less sugary foods and how we must drink lots if water throughout the day. 💧


For task 4, the students were asked to gather up all their Irish grown fruit and veg produce at home and prepare a delicious meal. Evie made a yummy fruit salad at home served with Irish salad leaves. Well done Evie. 👏🏽

We were also super grateful to @AgriAware and @@Doleireland for visiting our class to showcase a healthy eating workshop to the students. We all loved the delicious smoothies Eoin made for us.


We have started our Incredible Edibles growing challenge. AgriAware sent us a box with strawberry plants, potatoes, onions, carrots, chives, lettuce & turnips. We planted them in class and will water them every other day until they are strong enough to plant outside.

The only plant we could sow outside were the onion bulbs. 🌰


For Task 2 of our Incredible Edible Programme, we learnt all about Irish produce and the Bord Bia mark. The children were asked to keep an eye out for the Bord Bia mark when doing the weekly food shop with their parents. Dana & Evie found lots of Irish produce in their local supermarkets.  👍🇮🇪


We have started our Incredible Edibles journey. Over the next few months we will be sowing and harvesting our own fruit and vegetables, having a healthy eating week and sourcing Irish grown produce.

Our first task is learning all about where our food originated. We looked through our school lunchboxes and discussed where we thought the food came from. We all bring sandwiches to school so we discussed where the bread that makes our sandwiches comes from.

We sequenced the different stages of bread making, and the children put these stages in the correct order. We also watched a video of The Story of Bread and read the story The Little Red Hen.

Our Incredible Edible characters

Have you seen our fabulous Incredible Edibles Superhero Characters? 🍐🍏

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