Science Week: The effects of drinks on tooth enamel

November 30, 2023


For Science Week, we were working as scientists to find out how various types of drinks can affect our teeth. 🦷🪥

For this experiment, we used eggs, as their shell is similar to tooth enamel and for the drinks we used, coca cola, orange juice, milk, and water. We sat the eggs in a cup of each liquid and analysed the results after one week.

Firstly, we made our predictions, and the majority of the class predicted that Coca-Cola would change the colour of the egg shell. None of the class predicted that orange juice would affect the egg shell colour, so we were all surprised to see that the shell colour got lighter as it sat in orange juice for a week. This showed us that orange juice can affect our tooth enamel. The Coca-Cola made the egg shell darker, and the milk and water had no effect. This proves that milk & water are healthy drinks for our teeth & orange juice and Coca-Cola are unhealthy.

Why not try this experiment at home with other types of drinks such as coffee.

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