November Art

November 30, 2023



The weather has definitely turned colder so we must remember to wear our hats, scarves & gloves to school. Here, the children are designing their own Winter Woolies using fabric & felt.

Now they are ready to go walking in a Winter Wonderland


For Geography this month, we were learning all about different types of houses & homes. We described the home that we live in and watched a sideshow of homes around the world. For art, we made our own homes using lollipop sticks. Don’t they look fantastic?


The end of November means the start of CHRISTMAASSS and what better way to start the festive season than by watching the Toy Show. Here are the children’s designs for Patrick Kieltys jumper on the night. He has a lot to choose from!!! 👕

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Snowdrops blooming

Snowdrops blooming

Back in September, we planted snowdrop & bluebell bulbs and this week our snowdrops have started to bloom. Keep an eye out for them in our school garden. 🌱

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