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Wellbeing Promotion 2021

Wellbeing 2021

We are very proud to be holders of an Amber Flag here in SS Peter and Paul JNS.  We were awarded this flag by Pieta House in 2021 in recognition of our acheivements towards creating a healthy and inclusive school environment that supports mental well-being.  

Wellbeing is an important concept to everyone in SS Peter and Paul JNS.  We recognise wellbeing as both a state and a process.  Wellbeing is multifaceted and many factors can affect our wellbeing at any given time.  We use the SHANARRI framework to help our community to receive and share love, safety and respect while helping all our students and staff to develop skills and work towards realising their full potential.

The SHANARRI framework comprises eight wellbeing indicators that help us understand the concept of Wellbeing and can also be useful for families to explore at home.  These indicators are:

  • Safe

  • Healthy

  • Achieving

  • Nurtured

  • Active

  • Respected

  • Responsible

  • Included

This month (November), the children in Second Class have been looking at the second SHANARRI element, Healthy. Each class looked at different aspects of what it means to be healthy.
The children in Ms. O' Donnell's explored our school healthy eating policy and looked at what healthy meals involve.
Ms. Mannion's class looked at the sensory aspect of being healthy. They examined what being healthy looks like, feels like and sounds like.
Ms. Brazill's class drew what being healthy meant to them and really showed off their artistic ability.
Finally, Ms. Knowles's class coloured beautiful mindful pictures that explored different elements of being healthy, such as getting enough sleep, sharing, breathing, and remaining calm, all of which tie into good mental health.

Well done to the children for engaging so well with this month's theme.

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