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Suggested work

30th March 2020

Here is a phonics/literacy resource pack developed by our SET team.  The PDF is organised as follows:

  • Section 1 of the PDF file is a 'welcome' section

  • Section 2: "Suggested activities for using Jolly Phonics cards – Sounds and Tricky Words"

  • Section 3: "Jolly phonics sounds with pictures"

  • Section 4: "Jolly phonics sounds"

  • Section 5: "Tricky Word Cards"

  • Section 6: "Dolch sight words lists and story"

  • Section 7: "Word blending boxes - words for groups 1 to 8"

  • Section 8: Jolly phonics word bank"

Every effort has been taken to ensure images used are in line with copyright - if you own the copyright to an image and believe it has been used incorrectly please inform us ( and it will be removed immediately.

Here are two language plans to help develop language, designed by our EAL teacher :)

  • The first plan is based on 'The Garden'

  • The Second plan is based on 'The Plant' -our Senior Infant students could try this after 'The Garden'

Online work packs
Junior Infants

Dear Parents,

You may also like to try some of the learning/development opportunities listed below over the coming weeks during the school closure.

Learning and development activities

We hope all of our families & their relations stay safe & well over the coming weeks,
Kind regards,
The Junior Infant team

Senior Infants

We have organised some informational and fun activities that can be carried out at home online during the school closure.  
Along with these online activities, please ensure to keep up with:

1. Tricky words
2. Reading
3. Letter formation
4. Number formation

The following websites will help with these as well:
Literacy and numeracy websites: (requires signing up but is currently free to use) (for a free month trial enter the code IRL TWINKLHELPS.  Please ensure there are no charges after this period. ) (focuses on numbers)

Please click on the appropriate class level links on each of these websites for both literacy and numeracy.

If looking for some active websites:

1st class

  • Tables Champion: next two weeks

  • Mental maths book (if in bag): next two weeks

  • Spellings: Revision of words already covered

  • Practice reading and spelling Tricky Words already covered

  • Active work:,, Daily Mile

  • Research a topic and write about it.  Pick something you are interested in; Decide 'what you already know', 'what you would like to know' and think about how you will find the information.  Present what you have learned using words and / or pictures.
  • Reading for at least 10 minutes a day.  Choose one of your favourite books or maybe read an eBook online:

  • Math practice of topics already covered:

  • Learn how to tie shoelaces
  • Help at home!!

Please check school website/class blogs for further updates

2nd class

Week 1

Maths - 3D Shapes and Tables Champion

- Story Writing Titles "The Magic Door" and "A Desert Island"
- Shipwreck Island Tasks 1-3
- Read a book of your choice

SESE & Art - Do a project on an animal of your choice
PE - 20 x Burpees/Jumping Jacks/Squats/Lunges/Press Ups/Sit Ups
Religion - Songs and Prayers/Responses

Below are the resources for the above work

Week 2

Maths - Patterns and Tables Champion

- Story Writing Titles "Invent a Superhero" and "The Monster who came for Tea"
- Shipwreck Island Tasks 4-6
- Continue reading your book and write about your favourite character

SESE & Art - Do a project on a country of your choice
PE - 20 x Burpees/Jumping Jacks/Squats/Lunges/Press Ups/Sit Ups
Religion - Songs and Prayers/Responses

Below are further resources to accompany Week 2 (Shipwreck Island, Religion prayers/responses/songs resources are under Week 1):

Useful websites for extra activities:
Topmarks (English and Maths)
Daily 10 mental maths challenge
Hit the Button (Maths)
10 at 10 (PE, active work)
GoNoodle (PE, active work)
Starfall (English and Maths) (Free Trial)
Twinkl - Free Code IRLTWINKLHELPS (1 month Free Trial)
Reading / eBooks: ;

General Activities

16th March 2020
Here are two links to an activity created by one of our staff members using the Scratch programming platform.  They're not perfect but they might be helpful!  

  • To play these activities, you will need to use Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edage as a browser - Scratch is not supported by other browsers.

  • When the activity opens in a new window, the green flag starts the activity, the red circle will stop it.  The games can be stopped at any time by pressing the red circle and started again by pressing the green flag.  We hope you enjoy them!

1. Some phonics practice
There is an icon shaped like a mouth that will repeat the sound if pressed.  The icon of the magnifying glass will display some hints that may be used.  These hints also help as a teaching aid.  Clicking the ear image above each letter will play the sound the letter makes.

2. An activity for some practice at identifying shapes.  
This activity also helps with fine motor and visual motor coordination skills.

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