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Physical Activity

Active School

Physical Activity

According to the World Health Organisation, children need 60 minutes of play with moderate to vigorous activity every day to grow up to a healthy weight. We here at S.S Peter & Paul JNS actively promote inclusive physical activity throughout the school day.

Active School Walkway
We have signposted around our school an Active School Walkway. The teachers take the children out of class during the day for either their Daily Mile or for a "Do your Walking while Your Talking" session.

I rith Seachtaine ns Gaeilge chuaigh na ranganna amach ag siúl timpeall na scoile agus bhí siad ag labhairt Gaeilge.

Active Playgrounds
We have two playground breaks for all classes throughout the day. The children engage in a range of physical activities during these two breaks.

Game of the Week
Each week a Second Class is in charge of leading the Game of the Week on the yard. The first Game of the Week is ‘Switch’, which is a particular favourite amongst the children. Last year it was the most played game on the yard and we think it’ll be a great game to start the year with.



Playground Leaders
Congratulations to our new group of playground leaders who have received their first training session and are ready to begin sharing their love of games and activity with the younger children in the school during break times. They will be leading the Active Lines where they will be showing the other children fun exercises as they wait in their lines.

Playground Equipment
The children can improve their skipping skills during the lunch breaks as skipping ropes are available for them to use. The teachers have taught the classes various skipping rhymes to make this activity even more enjoyable.


Music in the Yard
At certain times of the year, such as Sports Day, Seachtain na Gaeilge and Christmas, music is played out over the yard for the whole school to dance along to.

Whole School Dance
To see a video of our dance click here

The Garda Band came to visit us at Christmas and we all danced and sang along to Christmas songs.

Running Initiatives

We have a number of running initiatives set up in the school that are continuously increasing the children’s physical health and well-being.

• The Daily Mile

We have been partaking in the Daily Mile since 2016. It was first set up by Ms Kelly, who recognised the benefits after seeing it set up in a school in the UK. She brought the idea to our staff and we whole heartily took it on board. Every day the 1st and 2nd classes take it in turns to complete the set out Daily Mile. The parents and teachers have all seen a marked increase in the fitness levels of the students over time.


• Tour of Europe
As part of European Week of Sport that was held in September 2018, the children were tasked with running laps of the school and calculated how far they travelled in Europe. They managed a total of 1347.25lm. This brought us as far as Berlin. Well done boys and girls.


Run Around Europe Challenge
The children here in SS Peter and Paul JNS took part in the ‘Run Around Europe Challenge’ as part of our Active School Week. Every four laps completed equalled one km. We mapped our progress and the distance travelled to each European city. In total we managed to run a distance of 1687.5km, which brought us to Switzerland. Well done everyone!



Active Calendar Events
For the last number of years teachers have consciously linked physical activity with the themes of school calendar year.

Halloween Sponsored Walk
At Halloween each class dress up in costume and take to the streets of Balbriggan to scare the local residents. The whole school goes on a sponsored walk around the town. The children absolutely love this, especially as the parents get involved and come along too.


Seachatine na Gaeilge
As part of Seachtaine na Gaeilge, we hold a Céilí Mór. Irish music is played in the school hall and the boys and girls, dressed in green, show us their best Irish dancing skills.

10 @ 10 and Go Noodle
Each class love taking a ‘time out’ in their rooms and participating in the 10@10 (RTE-Operation Transformation) or GoNoodle dance break. It’s a great way for the children to wake up their bodies and brains.


Active School Week

We have hosted two Active School Weeks to date, both have been a huge success and we were blessed with the weather on both occasions. To see all the fun we had each year, click on the links below;
Active School Week 2018
Active School Week 2019





Cross Curricular Activities
We as a staff recognised the importance of linking physical activity into other curricular areas.

• Maths Trails
As part of Maths week the children in SS Peter and Paul JNS go on various Maths Trails around the school premises. They are set the task of finding different shapes and numbers in their environment, therefore linking to the Outdoor and Adventure Strand of the PE curriculum.



• Nature Walks
Nature Walks are regularly carried out at various times of the year in SS Peter and Paul JNS, whether it be looking for Autumn leaves, Spring flowers or Summer plants and animals.

Beach trips
We are lucky to have such a beautiful natural resource on our doorstep. When the weather improves in the summer months, the boys and girls love nothing more than walking to our local beach to have sandcastle building competitions and to play beach games.

Active Homework
The school has taken part in the Super Trooper Programme with Laya Healthcare. This initiative promotes active homework and recognises that physical activity is an important part of the day. Each child keeps a diary of the amount of physical exercise they complete at home and in school. It is a fantastic resource to encourage a home-school link for Physical Activity.

For Active School Week 2019, the children were given Active Homework to complete each night instead of written home. Click here to see some of the activities suggested for them to do at home.

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