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SS Peter and Paul JNS PE Survey 2018

Circle your answers

Q 1: Do you like PE?   
Yes    No

Q 2: What do you like most about PE?
A) Playing with friends    B) Getting exercise
C) Learning new skills    D) Break from the classroom

Q 3: Which one of these if your favourite part of PE?
A) Games   B) Athletics   C) Gymnastics D) Dancing E) Outdoor and Adventure

Q 4: How long do you spend being active after school every day?
A) <15min  B) 15-30min  C) 30min – 1hour
D) more than 1 hour

Q 5: Do you play any other sports outside of school? Yes   
If yes,which ones:

Q 6: Are you part of any clubs?  
Yes  No
If yes, which one(s)? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Q 7: What do you think the school needs to make PE better? ___________________________________________________________________________________________

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