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Aims of Homework:

To benefit pupil learning
To reinforce/consolidate work covered in class
To develop study skills
To promote a similar approach to homework across all classes
To strengthen links between home and school

The Nature of the Homework:

It is the policy of our school to give homework Mon - Thurs with no home work on Fridays or on some special occasions which may arise from time to time e.g. child's birthday etc. The nature of the homework will vary between class groups, different classes and topics of study. Homework is not set for school holidays. Marking homework forms an integral part of our assessment.

Each homework may involve the following:

reading/writing/spelling. In the early years reading books are taken home as a matter of course. Pupils 'read' at home and/or practise key words or sounds with their family. Weekly spellings can be given and possibly maths or tables.
completing an exercise to practice, enforce or apply aspects of the class work.
Homework will be written into the child's homework copy. It should be neat and legible and children will be praised for doing their best.
Homework for children with learning difficulties will be tailored according to child's needs following consultation between parent and teacher.
Parents should sign the child's homework. If a child is experiencing difficulty with the homework this should be communicated to the teacher - either a note in the homework copy or an appointment sought with the teacher. It is recommended that the homework should be completed before the child becomes too tired - perhaps in the afternoon following a break/snack. Parents should supervise and help as needed but should not do the homework for the child.
If, for some reason, the child did not get the homework done e.g. illness, family occasion etc. this should be communicated to the teacher - a note in homework copy will suffice. If possible the child should complete the homework assignment in a quiet place - free from too many distractions, interruptions.

Homework will not be excessive and should not exceed:

Infants -15minutes,
First & Second Class - 20 to 30 minutes.

Junior Infants: Last term

Maths - 2 nights
English - 2 nights
1 subject a night, reading - no more than 1 sentence

Senior Infants:

Maths - 2 nights
English/SESE etc. - 2 nights
Reading - every night (max 2 pages)

1st Class:

Maths - every night (After mid-term (term1) start tables)
English - every night (Only 2 spellings into sentences)
Addition Tables to 6
Subtraction Tables to 6

2nd Class:

Reading - every night
English - every night (max 4 spellings into sentences)
Maths - every night
Tables - revision of 1 - 6 addition
revision of 1 - 6 subtraction
addition 7 - 12
subtraction 7 - 12

For all classes: Religion (Thursday)

The task selected by the class teacher is commensurate with the ability of the pupils.



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