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Designing our Sensory Corridor

Sensory Corridor

Student Council help design Sensory Corridor

We are delighted to have our very first Student Council in SS Peter and Paul JNS. The children were chosen by their peers to represent their class and express their views on how we can improve our school.

The first cohort of 8 were chosen for the month of February, they represent Ms Ní Mhaonaigh's Junior Infants, Ms O Regan's Senior Infants, Mrs O Connor's First Class and Mr Gallagher's Second Class. The members will then be rotated every month to represent all the classes.

For the month of February the Student Council were asked to give their thoughts and share their ideas on how we could improve the hallway in the Senior Infant building. They came up with some amazing ideas. The first thing they all agreed on was that the area needed more colour!!! So we chose the different paint colours and Pshemeck, our fantastic caretaker, painted the classroom doors over the midterm break. The next thing we will be looking at is how to make the walls and floor more child friendly. So watch this space everyone!!

February Student Council Members

Our February Student Council members are:
Alex McCoy Perry, Abbie Donnelly, Eli Behan, Kacie-May Moloney, Nicolas Popovici, Isobel Jenkins, Lexi Fagan and Ethan O Toole.

Our freshly painted colourful doors!


March Student Council Members
For the month of March, Mrs Adderley's Junior Infants, Ms Donnelly's Senior Infants, Ms McNamee's First Class and Ms O Donnell's Second Class were represented.

Our March Student Council members are:
Prince Jamie Ibezim, Amber Larkin, Olivier Wolak,  Eimear O Leary, Jacob Behan.Ruby Hammond, Grace Bassett, Michael Dunne.

The next thing we will be looking at is how to make the walls and floor more child friendly.
The Student Council decided it would be great to have some toys in the hallway to play with, so we chose some fantastic sensory toys to put on the wall.

Sensory Toys

Sensory Mirrors



More Sensory Toys

We then decided to add some sensory lights to bright the space up.

Sensory Lights

April/May Student Council Members

For the months of April/May, Ms Feeney's Junior Infants, Ms Moore's Senior Infants, Ms Meehan's First Class and Ms Knowles' Second Class were represented.
They were continuing on the great work of our previous months' Student Councils and were asked of ways to help improve our sensory corridor. They thought painting the walls was a great idea and loved the "Jungle" theme. Here they are with our fantastic artist Alison O Grady. She is doing a wonderful job painting the walls to create our Jungle themed corridor.

Our April/May Student Council members are:
Joe Casey, Ellen Murphy, Evan Reilly, Emily Coll, Adam Mellows, Mollie Marie Coyne, Fiadh Crowley Smith and Liam Lynch.

Our Jungle corridor is really coming together now.
Alison started off by drawing sketches on the all with chalk.


She then started to paint the trees.

She then started to bring the trees to life by adding foliage and grasses.


Once the trees and plants were painted the animals started to appear.





May/June Student Council members

For the months of May/June, Ms Harrington's Junior Infants, Ms O Brien's Senior Infants, Ms Manions' First Class and Mrs Cummins' Second Class were represented.

Our May/June Student Council members are:
Maria Groza, Jonathan Silva-Horvat, Jamie Burke, Grace Campbell, Heila Balane, Ryan Russell, Robyn O Hanlon and Cillian Nolan.

They are the last cohort of the year and their job was to help finish  creating our Sensory Corridor. The last task was to design the sensory pathway on the floor. We wanted it to involve a range of gross motor activities and also to tie in with our Jungle theme. So we brainstormed a range of body movements such as jumping, hopping, crawling etc and used these in our pathway. We were very fortunate to get local company called ReTink Graphics (Balrothery) to work with us. They set about creating and printing our ideas.



Here are the members of our Student Council demonstrating the Sensory Pathway

As we decorate our corridor with beautiful images of butterflies and dragonflies we remember our dear friend and colleague
Eimear Treanor
who passed away in August 2010.

"Even though you flew away, in our souls you will forever stay"

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