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Covid-19 News

Update 30th  June 2020
Re: The celebration of the sacrament of First Holy Communion 2020

Dear parents(s) / guardian(s) of children making their First Holy Communion on July 24th and 25th,

I have two pieces of important information that I received from the Parish Office.

1.  The First Holy Communion booklet for this year is available here.  The class teachers will be in touch with regards to readers etc.

2. The Parish Office are now in a position to give details on the restrictions necessary on numbers attending in line with Government requirements and I can now share them with you:  "Government restrictions currently strictly require that no more than 50 people be present inside a Church for the holy sacrament of Mass.  Currently, this number is expected to increase to a maximum of 100 by July 20th.  Should this increase happen, then there is a limit of 100 people in the Church for the sacrament of First Holy Communion being celebrated at the 4 masses over July 24th and 25th.  To enable the Parish abide by these regulations, it  has been determined that only 2 people can accompany each child to the ceremony to celebrate their First Holy Communion (eg child and 2 parents/guardians; child  and 1 parent and 1 sibling), that is, three people in total including the child being presented for their sacrament"

While these restrictions are not what anybody would want, they are unfortunately necessary due to current government regulations.  I know the Parish office were hoping that due to the size of our Church that they would be permitted to have more people attend with each child but they have been strongly told that the government restriction of 50 people before July 20th, and 100 people after that date (hopefully) must be adhered to.

Important information: 25th June 2020
Dear parent(s) / guardians(s), please follow the links below to find your child's book list and class teacher for 2020/2021.  Your child's new class teacher is preparing a little 'hello' video.  If a teacher has yet to be appointed for your child's class, their current teacher is doing a special video message for the class.  These will be ready for viewing next week.  Thank you!

Class Allocation 2020/2021
Junior Infant Booklist 2020/2021
Senior Infant Booklist 2020/2021
1st Class Booklist 2020/2021
2nd Class Booklist 2020/2021

Update 18th June 2020
Re: The celebration of the sacrament of First Holy Communion 2020

Update 17th June 2020

Dear parent(s) and guardians(s).   We will be releasing our end of year reports cards today.  I have a letter herethat explains how it will work this year.  If you have Aladdin Connect you will also receive this letter through Connect.  When we return to school at the end of August our initial focus will be on well-being and socialisation, health and safety and assessing where our boys and girls are in their learning and planning for their teaching accordinly.   

Update 8th June 2020
Information for September 2020 Junior Infant parents and guardians
Dear parents and guardians of our September 2020 Junior Infants - welcome to our website!  

Please read this information letter.  It includes important information on Aladdin Connect, our primary communication system between home and school.  We are also providing a 'tips for beginning primary school document' from the National Parents Council. We are looking forward to welcoming (and welcoming back!) you and your child(ren) into our school community.   

If you have time, please feel free to browse the other pages of our website too - you might find some fun Activities for your child to try on our Active Home Week 2020 Challenge page!

Update 30th April 2020

Re First Holy Communion: We have received some information for Dublin Diocese on ceremonies scheduled for May and June.  This is the most information we have at this time.  We know how important this occassion is to your child so you might like to read the information yourself first.  This information is available here.

29th April 2020
Today is international dance day as well as day 3 of our Active Home Week Challenge!  International dance day aims to encourage and enjoy dancing and our videos today have a dancing theme. We have 6 more videos to support today's Active Home Week Challenge activities.  We're sure you'll get plenty of enjoyment out of these videos!  A big thank you to Lorraine Jackson Stage School for adding to today's collection by sharing two videos with us for all our boys and girls.  The videos are on our Active Page HERE

Update 28th April 2020
Our staff have produced four more videos to support our boys, girls and their families during Active Home Week Challenge.  They are on our Active School Week 2020 page available HERE.Hopefully these will be helpful and will bring a
smile to many faces :)

Update 27th April 2020
Class teachers have provided a suggested plan of work and some helpful resources on their class blogs.  Again - do what you can, what you can is what you do...
Here are two more language plans to help with vocabulary and language.

Instead of Active School Week this year, today marks the beginning of
Active Home Week Challenge  But we didn't want our boys, girls and families to do this alone - so we are doing it too!  We have made some videos to help you along with some activities.  Today's videos are now live here and we will add more daily! They can also be accessed directly from the Active School Menu item on the left.  Good luck everybody - the aim is 60 minutes daily!  

Update 25th April 2020
Dear parents, if you need help setting up Aladdin Connect on your phone, please see this help sheet If you're still stuck please email and we will do our best to help you!

Update 23rd April 2020
REMINDER: Have you read this
'Important Information Welcome letter' for Aladdin Connect? Our school has been using the Aladdin Schools administration system ( for a number of years.  Aladdin Connect will enable parent(s) securely access information and allow updates to be shared more easily.

Draft Admission Policy for 2021/2022 available  ‘ here’.  Comments are welcome to, please include your child’s Room number/teacher’s name along with your comment.    Comments received by 12pm on Tuesday April 28th will be considered for the 2021/2022 draft policy”

Update 21st April 2020
Trust Ireland have a lovely  short story competition (500 words), the closing date is May 1st 2020.  There are two categories - 5 to 8 years old and 9 to 13 years old.  There will be one winner from each category - but you are all winners to us!  Even if you don't want to enter the competition, if you write a story then send it to your teacher - we love reading your stories!

Update 20th April 2020

Hello boys and girls – both young and older!
Although the Easter holidays were certainly different this year, we hope you still managed to have a nice Easter break.  As we’re sure you’re aware, schools have been directed to remain closed until at least May 5th, and this could be extended in line with National Public Health Emergency Team advice.  We miss all our friends here at school and will continue to support our children as best we can.  All classes have updated work for this week available on their class blogs – available from the menu on the left.  As always – this is suggested work only.  It is there to help provide some structure and planned learning.  If it is helpful – use it.  If there is too much – pick and choose.  If you’ve tried something and you ‘don’t get it’ – do something else instead - send an email to your teacher and we’ll see if we can provide some ideas to help.  Remember, these suggestions are not the only way to learn!  We learn so much by simply talking to each other, helping our children develop their vocabulary and their thinking.  We might not be together – but we are not alone either…Boys and girls – we are really looking forward to hearing about your Easter, how you’re doing and how you’re getting on with learning.  Let us know using the class blogs / your teacher’s email.  Remember the blogs are public, so if you need some extra help with something maybe send an email instead.    

As well as the updated work available on the class blogs, we have also provided another  two language plans to help develop vocabulary and language.

Update 7th April 2020

As part of our preparation towards implementing “Aladdin Connect” as a communication portal for the school, we ask that all parents read this 'Important Information Welcome letter'. Our school has been using the Aladdin Schools administration system ( for a number of years.  Aladdin Connect will enable parent(s) securely access information and allow updates to be shared more easily.  Thank you to our fabulous Parents Association for the suggestion :)

Update 3rd April 2020

Dear parents, boys and girls – we made it, it’s the Easter holidays!  We miss you all so much here at school but we know that it is very important at the moment that we all stay at home.  Sometimes that can feel really hard but you are doing a really important job by doing that.  Many of you have shared lovely emails with the teachers – telling them what you have been doing and sharing pictures.  Your pictures and news make all the class blogs look beautiful!  Keep them coming.  You have worked very hard over the last three weeks – you were doing your schoolwork and getting used to something very different!  Parents had a very hard job too and the teachers were working hard trying to learn new skills and how to do things in a new way.  Everybody deserves a rest!  Sometimes it can be hard to think of things to do, so the teachers have put some ‘pick and mix activity ideas’ together in case you’d like to try some of them.  Check your class blog too in case there are other ideas there.   At the moment, the Government has not changed the reopening date and it is still Monday April 20th.  From recent health updates on the news, a personal and uninformed opinion would be that, that date could change.  So we are ‘planning for the worst’ and ‘hoping for the best’.  If schools do not reopen on that date, we will have more suggested work plans for that week on Monday morning, 20th April.  We are also rolling out Aladdin Connect and continuing to look at ways to support the continuation of teaching and learning.  We will keep you updated on those fronts! Have a great Easter holiday everybody – keep safe!

Update 30th March 2020

Teachers have provided suggested work plans for the week 30th March - 3rd April 2020.  These are available from the individual class blogs - dip in and out of them as best suits your child.  Select 'Classes' from the menu at the left hand side and follow the drop-down menu to your child's class blog. A Phonics/Literacy resource pack was added to the 'Suggested' page along with 2 language plans to help develop language.

Update 25th March 2020
The Department of Education and Skills has advised that all schools will remain closed to students until 19th April 2020.  This decision was taken following advice from the National Public Health Emergency Team.   The Department repeated their statement that: "All young people and children are urged to practice social distancing, and to minimise physical contact to keep themselves and others healthy and to limit the spread of infection. This should include minimising social contact, avoiding meeting up and keeping physical space of two metres between each other. Parents and guardians are urged to support young people and children to follow those simple guidelines."

Thank you to all our families for their excellent co-operation and goodwill in the past week.  We are working hard in the background preparing ways of sharing work / keeping in touch with our children - keep an eye here for futher information.  We hope to have more on Monday March 30th - until then, keep using the resources provided on the 'suggested work' page.   Some class blogs already have some more suggestions, others are being prepared! Remember - this is suggested work and this applies to any future work provided also.  It is a new situation for everybody, and everybody has their own daily challenges and hopefully a daily smile too.  You know your own circumstances best - do what you can, and what you can is what you do...Boys and girls - we miss you all!  Be good for your parents!  We look forward to hearing about what you've all been doing!

Update March 16th 2020:
Two activities added at bottom of suggested work page; Updated Covid-19 poster; 2nd class work modified

Updates March 12th 2020:

On instruction by Department of Education and Skills and the advice of the National Public Health Emergency Team, school is shut until 29th March 2020.  Suggested school work is available here.  We regret this inconvenience, please follow all HSE advice.

Dear Parents(s) and Guardians(s),
Firstly, thank you for all the support and good-will we received on announcement of school closures.  As you are aware, currently schools remained closed until the 29th March 2020 (UPDATE: now extended to 19 April 2020) in order to support efforts at containing the spread of Covid-19.  Our teachers have provided some suggested work for our children while at home during this time.  We are sharing this work here.  The wellbeing of our children and their families is of the utmost importance and you as a parent are in the best position to judge the work your child can undertake without causing unnecessary negative feelings.  

The statement on school closures from the Department of Education and Skills reminds us that all pupils from pre-school to third level are urged to practice social distancing and to minimise physical contact with each other.  This includes avoiding meeting up and keeping physical space between them along with regular hand-washing and good respiratory hygiene . The statement also urges parents and guardians to support their children in maintaining this approach.  

Information on Covid-19 for the general public is available at:
As news becomes available we will do our utmost to ensure it is added to this page.

Click on the links below to view the information in a new window

Covid-19 poster advice for schools (English language)  
Chinese     Romanian     
Italian       Polish           
Spanish     Portugese

Hand hygiene poster
(English language)
Chinese     Romanian     Lithuanian    
Italian       Polish           
Spanish     Portugese
French      Latvian

Primary poster - cough and sneeze

Talking to children and young-people about Covid-19

How to wash your hands

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