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Welcome everybody to Active Home Week Challenge 2020!

Active Schools Week is one of our favourite weeks of the whole year here in SS Peter and Paul JNS! When Mr. Donovan mentioned Active Home Week Challenge first, we were delighted because we could still get to do our Active School Week.  We did not feel as excited as usual because this year it needs to be an Active Home Week Challenge.  Then we thought - 'No! We are excited! This year we are just together in a different way - even though we are not in the same place, we can do the activities together!  Mr. Donovan did a great job rallying us all to make some videos to help you with your Active Challenge and we will post them here daily! We'll be doing them at home too, so what are we waiting for?! Let's get active!

Boys and girls, we made our Active Challenge Videos this week because you are so important to us.  We were delighted to get the photos and videos of you taking on our challenges with us at home.  Thank you for taking part and being such good sports.  Remember - being active is not just for a day, or a week - it's for life!  Below is a little video montage of some of our boys and girls - younger and older, being active this week.

Friday Video 1
Mr. Donovan is back with 'Toilet roll balance' skills

Friday Video 2
Mr. Donovan's 'Toilet roll penguin walk'

Friday Video 3
Practising our forward roll with Ms. Brazill

Friday Video 4
Mr. Donovan's 'Crab Walk toilet roll' challenge

Friday Video 5
'Take on the teacher challenge' from Ms. Brazill

Friday Video 6
'Take on the teacher challenge' from Mr. Donovan

Friday Video 7
Mr. Gallagher's Indoor obstacle course

There has been great participation this week by our boys and girls - well done!  Everybody has been delighted to get your photos and videos. You took on so many challenges this week, and often beat the teacher!  Keep sending your photos to your class teacher - we will do our best to put some on the class blogs and here on our Active School Page.

Thursday Video 1
Throwing and Catching challenge from Ms. Mannion

Thursday Video 2
Obstacle Course Challenge from Ms. O'Regan

Thursday Video 3
Throwing and catching ball challenge with Ms. Corkery

Thursday Video 4
Mr. Gallagher's Throwing and Catching Challenge

Thursday Video 5
A Throwing challenge - with a twist, from Ms. Donnelly

Thurday Video 6
A 'Reaction Time' challenge with Mr. Gallagher

Thursday Video 7
A 'pancake' challenge with Ms. Knowles

Thursday Video 8 - "Take on the teacher"!
Mr. Gallagher's burpee challenge!

Wednesday Video 1  
'Remote control' dance game with Mr. Donovan

Wednesday Video 2
"Stand up, Sit down..."
with Lorraine Jackson

Wednesday Video 3
"Dance for dance monkey"
Dancing with Lorraine

Wednesday Video 4
'The memory dance game' with Mr. Donovan

Wednesday Video 5
'The animal dance game' with Mr. Donovan

A huge thank you from all at SS Peter and Paul JNS to Lorraine from Lorraine Jackson Stage School! We have had great fun learning some dances with Lorraine - thanks for sending the videos and not forgetting us Lorraine!  All our dances today can be done on your own or with your family.  

Wednesday Video 6
Together while apart -  'The Chicken Dance', why not dance with us!

Tuesday Video 1
Fundamental skills circuit challenge with Ms. Whelan

Tuesday video 2
'Cup and ball' challenge from Ms. Mannion

Tuesday Video 3
Ball kicking challenge from Ms. O'Donnell

Tuesday Video 4
Swimming without water activity with Ms. Meehan

Active Home Challenge - Monday Video 1
Toilet paper keepy-uppies with Mr. Donovan

Active Home Challenge - Monday Video 2
Mr. Donovan's 'toilet paper toss'

Active Home Challenge - Monday Video 3
'The toilet roll jump' activities

Active Home Challenge - Monday Video 4
'The toilet roll obstacle course'!

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