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Active Flag Updates 2021-2022

Active School

Active Flag

March - April 2022, Run around Ireland 4 week Challenge
The whole school completed the Active Flag Run Around Ireland 4 Week Challenge during March and April.  Well done to all classes who ran every day with such enthusiasm and to their Student Council Active Leaders who kept spirits high!  Have a look at our round-up video below showcasing our brilliant runners!

After our successful Run Around Ireland challenge our children took part in the local Balbriggan Junior Parkrun.  See HERE for information on our partnership with Parkrun and a video of our children taking part in 2022.

Active Homework, Parent and Pupil surveys
Active Homework Thursdays began in March.  Pupils could pick one piece of Active Homework each Thursday.  We had a lovely selection to choose from that reflects the fundamental movement skills of balancing, running, jumping for height, throwing and kicking.  We have been working on all these fundamental movement skills this year.

Below is a snapshot of our Active Homework Grid

Our Active School Committee also sent out an online survey to parents and pupils on PE.  We worked collaboratively on finding our stengths and areas to work on in PE, likes and dislikes, and further ideas for PE in SS Peter and Paul JNS.  

March 2022 - Lá Glas Céilí Mór

We are focusing on the PE strand of Dance this year and spent the month of March preparing for our Lá Glas Céilí Mór.  The Active Student Council got together again and we decided on The Siege of Ennis for our whole school Irish dance.  The Council coloured in posters for the event and displayed them around the school.  Each class got down to some serious practice straight away both in class and outside on sunnier Spring days.  Our Lá Glas Céilí Mór was held on Tuesday March 15th and was a great success.  Thanks to our roving cameraman Pshemeck the caretaker who got such great footage from his bird's eye view!  Click on the picture below to watch some video footage of our Céilí Mór.

February 2022 - Fyffes Fit Squad Challenge
All classes continued with the Fyffes Fit Squad Challenge that began back in November and tried to keep our banana points score up!  Active movement breaks lead to healthy bodies, minds and more focused little learners.

January 2022 - Jump into January Skipping Challenge
1st and 2nd Classes completed the Active Flag Jump into January Skipping Challenge during the month of January.  The Active Student Council sorted and distributed the skipping ropes for each class and helped motivate their peers with their skipping.  The eight 1st and 2nd classes practiced their skipping each day for two weeks and successfully completed the January Challenge!

December 2021 - The 10 Active Days of Christmas
In December the whole school undertook the 10 Active Line Days of Christmas Challenge.  Our Active Student Council Leaders got together in the Hall with Mr. Donovan and Mrs. Adderley for a brain-storming session before the challenge began.  They decided on the activity for each day and helped decorate a lovely display on the Active Flag noticeboard.  The activities included reindeer prancing, Santa squats, lively lunges, dulk walks and star jumps.

The Active Student Council led their class lines at the two breaks each day in the active challenge - a great way to stay warm and keep moving on chilly days.  We finished on Day 10 of the challenge with our whole school Santa Dash.  It was great to see all pupils and staff running with such energy and enthusiasm in their Christmas jumpers!

Click on the thumbnail images below to view our videos!


Enjoy a Full Round up of our Santa Dash by clicking on the video below!

Active Break Every Day Challenge November 2021
The whole school completed the Active Flag Active Break Every Day Challenge in November.  We know that active breaks help us to stay healthy, improve concentration and focus and most of all are great fun!  Every class had their progress charts on display on their door and our Student Council Active Leaders from each class recorded the scores daily.  Active Walkway laps, star jumps, planks, mountain climbers, duck walks and Busy Breaks as Gaeilge were just some of the activities we got up to over the 4 week challenge.



As part of our 4 week Active Break Every Day Challenge we ran a whole school Active Slogan and Poster competition. Pupils were tasked with composing a new Active Slogan for our school. We were blown away with the fantastic entries & the judging committee had a very difficult job picking an overall winner. Kian in Ms. O'Regan's First Class was the lucky winner with his catchy slogan 'Stop Snoozing, Get Moving!'. Kian won a voucher for The Book Haven. The runner-up vouchers went to Darcey in Ms. Morgan's Junior Infants, Charlie in Ms. Meehan's Senior Infants and Fiadh in Ms. Brazill's 2nd Class. All class winners received a certificate of achievement. Well done to all on a  brilliant competition!



Click the video below to see some of the fabulous posters and slogans our students created!


Rainbow Day for Pieta October 8th 2021
We are a proud Amber Flag school and were delighted to celebrate our 2nd annual Rainbow Day for Pieta House on Friday, October 8th 2021.  Our Active Flag area of focus this year is dance and we were delighted to incorporate this into our day with a Junior and Senior yard disco.  The Active Schools outdoor speaker we were so lucky to win last year in an invaluable piece of equipment for our discos!  Thanks to our pupils and parents for their very generous donations to support Pieta House.  Have a look at some of the Rainbow Day style and groovy moves below




European School Sport Day (ESSD), September 2021
The whole school enthusiastically engaged with European School Sports Day on Friday September 24th, 2021. We opened our celebrations with a European parade around the yard that rivalled the opening of the Olympic Games! Each class adopted a European country for the day & the pupils were decorated with headbands, banners & flags. All countries were cheered on by their neighbouring classes and the atmosphere was electric. Activities throughout the day included soccer, rugby, unihoc, parachute games, relays, javelin, basketball, beanbags and gymnastics to name but a few. The pupils also enjoyed dance, yoga & the 10 @ 10 in their classrooms along with designing sports posters to mark the European wide celebration. The highlight for many was our active disco on the yard when all classes got to break out their best moves! The day also provided an opportunity to use our citizenship skills in teamwork.  

We were delighted to get our hands on this brilliant new marker prize pack won in the run up to ESSD courtesy of Irish Primary PE an Sport Ireland.  Below see our Active Student Council members, Aideen and Callum from Ms. Knowles' class with the new pack.

Pursuing our 2nd Active Flag!

This year our school community is working hard to earn our 2nd Active Flag.  Our student council
are a great help towards this.  They bring ideas to school staff and management and share ideas with the teachers and their fellow students. Below are some links to new relevant pages on our school website/general updates from the academic year 2021-2022 that we would like to share.

See our
European School Sports Day ESSD 2021 section for updates on a very enjoyable day held on Friday September 24th 2021.

"Active School, Active Halloween Dress up day" website page has some photos and video from our spookily special Active Halloween day.

We are delighted to once again continue our partnership with
O'Dwyer's GAA and Leinster Rugby.  We are very grateful to both bodies for our enhanced PE programme and for the coaching our children can avail of free of charge




We will post regular updates HERE on all the activities we will be undertaking and the fun we are having as we work towards our Active Flag.

What is the Active Flag?
The Active School Flag is a Department of Education and Skills initiative which recognises schools that strive to achieve a physically active school community by awarding them the Active School Flag.
To achieve the flag we will be working towards improving the physical fitness of all our students by providing lots of fun sports activities in school as well as promoting a more active lifestyle at home.
The flag is a whole-school initiative so parental involvement is an essential aspect to this process.

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